Criminal law

Anyone who is suspected of or charged with a crime is usually entitled to a public defender. We have considerable experience of criminal law work. In some cases counsel is present during the investigation and assists the client during police interrogations etc. However, representing the client at the trial is the most significant aspect of our criminal work, addressing the two key issues of responsibility for the crime and the penalties to be imposed by the court.

Our criminal law work also involves representing the victims of crime. The firm can assist a victim of crime with, for example, a claim for compensation.

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Family law

When a relationship breaks down, a number of legal issues may arise with which the firm can help. There may be financial issues connected to the division of property or issues regarding the right to common property. There may also be issues regarding children, such as where they will be living, the extent to which they will see the other parent, and who is to be granted custody. Questions regarding maintenance may also arise.

We also help couples who want to review some aspects of their current relationship by giving guidance about agreements between spouses or cohabitants, prenuptial agreements, or wills.

International family law is becoming increasingly important in our society, and the firm is dealing with a growing number of international family cases. Increased globalization often leads to complicated family law issues, as the laws and legal traditions of several different countries become entangled. We have substantial practical experience not only of national, but also of such international family law issues.

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Inheritance law

The death of a family member may raise questions about inheritance and distribution of property, as well as division of the estate. We can assist in all kinds of disputes that can arise after a passing. We can also draw up agreements regarding division of the estate.

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Migration law

Someone who applies for asylum in Sweden is usually represented by a public counsel who assists the individual before the Migration board and the Migration courts. We have represented asylum seekers for many years now and we also act for individuals seeking [residence] permits for family reasons or for work or studies.

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Contract law

The law firm represents both private individuals and companies in respect of a variety of contract disputes and problems.

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